the untamed mouse 2013 calendar

This year The Untamed Mouse invites you to celebrate life every day. But this isn't just an idle greeting card sentiment. Oh, no. This invocation comes with a monthly challenge. Send us a picture of you, your co-workers, or someone in your family celebrating one of the special days listed on this year's calendar (or your birthday—everyone's birthday is a special day) and we'll:

a)    post your picture on our website, (here) and
b)    enter you into a random drawing to win the surprise gift listed somewhere on that month's calendar.

Your entry must arrive by the fifth day of the following month to qualify. To see a complete listing of specials days in 2013, scroll down to the bottom section of this page.

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click here to see january holidays

1 new year’s day
2 run up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes day
3 festival of sleep day
3 fruitcake toss day
4 trivia day
5 national bird day
6 bean day
6 cuddle up day
7 old rock day
8 bubble bath day
10 houseplant appreciation day
10 peculiar people day
11 step in a puddle and splash your friend day
12 national pharmacist day
13 blame someone else day
13 friday the 13th
13 international skeptics day
14 dress up your pet day
15 national hat day
17 ditch new year’s resolutions day
18 thesaurus day
18 winnie the pooh day (the birthday of winnie’s author, a.a. milne)
19 national popcorn day
20 national buttercrunch day
20 penguin awareness day
21 martin luther king jr.’s birthday
21 squirrel appreciation day
22 national blond brownie day
23 national handwriting day
23 measure your feet day
24 compliment day
25 opposite day
26 spouse’s day
27 chocolate cake day
27 punch the clock day
28 fun at work day
28 national kazoo day
29 national puzzle day
29 national corn chip day
30 national inane answering message day
31 backward day
31 inspire your heart with art day

national mentoring month | national glaucoma awareness month | cervical health awareness month | national blood donor month | thyroid awareness month | birth defects prevention month | national bath safety month | national braille literacy month | national hobby month | hot tea month | national oatmeal month | national soup month

birthstone garnet | flower carnation


click here to see february holidays

1 national freedom day
2 ground hog day, candlemas
3 the day the music died (buddy holly, richie valens and the big bopper died in a plane crash in 1959)
4 create a vacuum day, thank a mailman day
5 national weatherman's day
6 lame duck day one pound of fair trade coffee beans from ten thousand villages in mt. lake
7 wave all your fingers at your neighbor day, send a card to a friend day
8 boy scout day (celebrates the birthday of scouting), kite flying day (in the middle of winter!?!)
9 toothache day
10 umbrella day
11 clean out your computer day, don't cry over spilled milk day, make a friend day, white t-shirt day
12 abraham lincoln's birthday, plum pudding day
13 get a different name day
14 ferris wheel day, national organ donor day, valentine's day
15 national gum drop day, singles awareness day
16 do a grouch a favor day
17 president's day, random acts of kindness day
18 national battery day
19 national chocolate mint day
20 cherry pie day, hoodie hoo day, love your pet day
22 george washington's birthday, be humble day, walking the dog day, international world thinking day
23 international dog biscuit appreciation day, tennis day
24 national tortilla chip day
25 pistol patent day
26 carnival day, national pistachio day, tell a fairy tale day
27 polar bear day, no brainer day
28 floral design day, public sleeping day, national tooth fairy day

american heart month | an affair to remember month | black history month | canned food month | creative romance month | great american pie month | national cherry month | national children's dental health month | national grapefruit month | national weddings month

birthstone amethyst | flower violet


click here to see march holidays

1 employee appreciation day, national pig day, national salesperson day, peanut butter lovers’ day
2 old stuff day
3 i want you to be happy day
3 if pets had thumbs day
3 national anthem day
3 peach blossom day
4 hug a gi day
5 multiple personality day
6 dentist’s day, national frozen food day
7 national crown roast of pork day
8 be nasty day, international working women’s day
9 national agriculture da, panic day
10 middle name pride day
11 johnny appleseed day, worship of tools day
12 girl scouts day, plant a flower day
13 ear muff day, jewel day
14 learn about butterflies day, national potato chip day, national pi day (why today? because today is 3.14, the value of pi)
14 popcorn lover’s day
15 everything you think is wrong day, ides of march, incredible kid day, dumbstruck day
16 everything you do is right day, freedom of information day, national quilting day
17 submarine day, saint patrick’s day
18 supreme sacrifice day
19 poultry day
20 international earth day, extraterrestrial abductions day, proposal day
21 fragrance day
22 national goof off day
23 national chip and dip day, near miss day
24 national chocolate covered raisin day
25 pecan day, waffle day
26 make up your own holiday day
27 national “joe” day
28 something on a stick day
29 national mom and pop business owners day
29 smoke and mirrors day
30 national doctor’s day, i am in control day, take a walk in the park day
31 bunsen burner day, easter, national clam on the half shell day

second week national bubble week | second week crochet week | irish american month | music in our schools month | national craft month | national frozen food month | national nutrition month | national peanut month |  national women’s history month | red cross month | social workers month 

birthstone aquamarine | flower daffodil


click here to see april holidays

1 april fool’s day, dyngus day, international fun at work day, international tatting day
2 children’s book day, national peanut butter and jelly day, reconciliation day
3 don’t go to work unless it’s fun day, tweed day
4 hug a newsman day, walk around things day, school librarian day, tell a lie day
5 go for broke day, national walk to work day
6 plan your epitaph day, sorry charlie day
7 caramel popcorn day, no housework day, world health day
8 all is ours day, draw a picture of a bird day
9 name yourself day, winston churchill day
10 golfer’s day, national siblings day
11 eight track tape day, barbershop quartet day, national submarine day
12 big wind day, russian cosmonaut day
13 scrabble day
14 international moment of laughter day, look up at the sky day, national pecan day, reach as high as you can day
15 patriot’s day, rubber eraser day, titanic remembrance day
16 national eggs benedict day, national librarian day, national stress awareness day
17 blah, blah, blah day
17 national cheeseball day, pet owners independence day
18 international juggler’s day, national high five day, newspaper columnists day
19 national garlic day
20 look alike day, volunteer recognition day
21 kindergarten day
22 girl scout leader day, national jelly bean day
23 lover’s day, national zucchini bread day, take a chance day, world laboratory day
24 administrative assistant’s day, pig in a blanket day
25 east meets west day, take your daughter to work day, world penguin day
26 hug an australian day, national pretzel day, richter scale day
27 babe ruth day, national prime rib day, tell a story day
28 international astronomy day, great poetry reading day, kiss your mate day
29 greenery day, national shrimp scampi day
30 hairstyle appreciation day, national honesty day

week one library week | week one read a road map week | week two garden week | week three organize your files week | week three medical labs week | week four administrative assistants week | week four national karaoke week | national humor month | international guitar month | keep america beautiful month | lawn and garden month | national poetry month | national pecan month | national welding month | records and information management month | stress awareness month

birthstone diamond | flower sweet pea


click here to see may holidays

1 may day, loyalty day, mother goose day, save the rhino day
2 baby day, brothers and sisters day
3 international tuba day, lumpy rug day, space day, world press freedom day
4 bird day, national candied orange peel day, renewal day, star wars day
5 cinco de mayo, national hoagie day, oyster day
6 beverage day, national tourist appreciation day, national nurses day, no diet day
7 national teachers day, national tourism day
8 iris day, national receptionist day, no socks day, school nurses day, v-e day, world red cross day
9  lost sock memorial day, national train day
10 clean up your room day, military spouses day
11 birth mother’s day, eat what you want day, international migratory bird day, twilight zone day
12 fatigue syndrome day, international nurses day, limerick day
13 frog jumping day, leprechaun day, mother’s day
14 dance like a chicken day
15 national chocolate chip day, police officer’s memorial day
16 love a tree day, national sea monkey day, wear purple for peace day
17 national bike to work day, pack rat day
18 armed forces day, international museum day, no dirty dishes day, visit your relatives day
19 boy’s club day
20 be a millionaire day, pick strawberries day
21 national memo day, national waiters and waitresses day
22 buy a musical instrument day
23 lucky penny day
24 national escargot day
25 international jazz day, national missing children’s day, tap dance day
26 sally ride day
27 sun screen day
28 amnesty international day, memorial day
29 learn about composting day
30 water a flower day
31 national macaroon day, save your hearing day, world no tobacco day

week one nurse’s week | week two wildflower week | week three national bike week | make your money count, connecting your resources to what matters most by Jim munchbach week three national police week | week four emergency medical services week | date your mate month | foster care month | national barbecue month | national bike month | national blood pressure month | national hamburger month | national photograph month | national recommitment month | national salad month | older americans month

birthstone emerald | flower lily of the valley


clilck here to see june holidays

1 dare day, flip a coin day
2 national bubba day, national rocky road day
3 repeat day
4 applesauce cake day, hug your cat day, old maid’s day
5 world environment day
6 national gardening exercise day, national yo-yo day
7 national chocolate ice cream day, national doughnut day
8 best friends day, name your poison day
9 donald duck day
10 iced tea day
11 hug holiday
12 red rose day
13 sewing machine day
14 flag day
15 national hollerin’ contest day, smile power day, world juggler’s day
16 father’s day, fresh veggies day
17 eat your vegetables day
18 go fishing day, international panic day, national splurge day
19 world sauntering day
20 ice cream soda day
21 go skate day, finally summer day
22 national chocolate eclair day
23 national columnists day, national pink day, take your dog to work day
24 swim a lap day
25 log cabin day, national catfish day
26 beautician’s day, forgiveness day
27 sun glasses day
28 insurance awareness day, paul bunyan day
29 camera day, hug holiday, waffle iron day
30 meteor day

week one fishing week | week two email week | aquarium month | candy month | dairy month | national accordion awareness month | national adopt a cat month | national fresh fruit and vegetables month | turkey lovers month

birthstone pearl | flower rose


click here to see july holidays

1 build a scarecrow day, canada day, creative ice cream flavors day, international joke day
2 i forgot day, world ufo day
3 compliment your mirror day, disobedience day, stay out of the sun day
4 independence day (u.s.), national country music day, sidewalk egg frying day
5 work-a-holics day
6 national fried chicken day
7 chocolate day, national strawberry sundae day
8 video games day
9 national sugar cookie day
10 teddy bear picnic day
11 cheer up the lonely day, world population day
12 different colored eyes day, pecan pie day
13 barbershop music appreciation day, embrace your geekness day, fool’s paradise day
14 bastille day, pandemonium day
15 tapioca pudding day, cow appreciation day
17 peach ice cream day, yellow pig day
18 national caviar day
19 national raspberry cake day
20 moon day, ugly truck day
21 national ice cream day, national junk food day
22 hammock day, ratcatcher’s day
23 national hot dog day
23 vanilla ice cream day
24 amelia earhart day, cousins day
25 culinarians day, threading the needle day
26 all or nothing day, aunt and uncle day
27 take your pants for a walk day
28 national milk chocolate day, parent’s day
29 national lasagna day
30 national cheesecake day, father-in-law day
31 mutt’s day

national blueberry month | national anti-boredom month | national cell phone courtesy month | national hot dog month | national ice cream month

birthstone ruby | flower larkspur


click here to see august holidays

1 national raspberry cream pie day
2 national ice cream sandwich day
3 national mustard day, national watermelon day
4 friendship day, international forgiveness day, sisters day, u.s. coast guard day
5 work like a dog day
6 wiggle your toes day
7 national lighthouse day
8 sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day
9 book lover’s day
10 lazy day, national s’mores day
11 presidential joke day, son and daughter day
12 middle child’s day
13 chinese valentine’s day, left hander’s day
14 national creamsicle day, v-j day
15 relaxation day
16 national tell a joke day
17 national thriftshop day
18 bad poetry day
19 aviation day
20 national radio day
21 senior citizen’s day
22 be an angel day, national tooth fairy day
23 ride the wind day
24 vesuvius day
25 kiss and make up day
26 national dog day, women’s equality day
27 global forgiveness day, just because day
28 race your mouse day
29 more herbs, less salt day
30 frankenstein day, toasted marshmallow day
31 national trail mix day

week one national simplify your life week | week two national smile  week | week three friendship week | week four be kind to humankind week | admit you’re happy month | family fun month | national catfish month | national eye exam month | national golf month | peach month | romance awareness month | water quality month | national picnic month | national picnic month

birthstone peridot | flower poppy


click here to see september holidays

1 emma m. nutt day (the first woman telephone operator)
2 labor day, national beheading day
3 skyscraper day
4 newspaper carrier day
5 be late for something day, cheese pizza day
6 fight procrastination day, read a book day
7 neither rain nor snow day
8 grandparent’s day, international literacy day, national date nut bread day, pardon day, national pet memorial day
9 teddy bear day
10 sewing machine day, swap ideas day
11 9/11 remembrance, make your bed day, no news is good news day
12 chocolate milk shake day, national video games day
13 blame someone else day, defy superstition day, fortune cookie day, national peanut day, positive thinking day, uncle sam day
14 national cream-filled donut day caribou coffee gift card
15 make a hat day, felt hat day, national women’s friendship day
16 collect rocks day, step family day, mayflower day, mexican independence day, national play dough day, working parents day
17 national apple dumpling day, citizenship day, constitution day
18 national cheeseburger day
19 international talk like a pirate day, national butterscotch pudding day
20 national punch day, pow/mia recognition day
21 international peace day, international rabbit day, miniature golf day, oktoberfest begins, world gratitude day
22 business women’s day, elephant appreciation day
23 checkers day, dog in politics day
24 national cherries jubilee day
25 national comic book day
26 johnny appleseed day
27 crush a can day, native american day 
28 ask a stupid question day, national good neighbor day
29 confucius day
30 national mud pack day

classical music month | hispanic heritage month | fall hat month | international square dancing month | national blueberry popsicle month | national courtesy month | national piano month | chicken month | baby safety month | little league month | honey month | self improvement month | better breakfast month

birthstone sapphire | flower morning glory


click here to see october holidays

1 world vegetarian day
2 national custodial worker day, name your car day
3 techies day, virus appreciation day
4 national golf day, national frappe day
5 do something nice day, international frugal fun day, world teacher’s day
6 come and take it day, mad hatter day, oktoberfest in germany ends, physician assistant day
7 bald and free day, world smile day
8 american touch tag day
9 curious events day, emergency nurses day, fire prevention day, leif erikson day, moldy cheese day
10 national angel food cake day
11 it’s my party day, take your teddy bear to work day, world egg day
12 cookbook launch day, old farmer’s day, moment of frustration day
13 international skeptics day
14 columbus day, national dessert day
15 white cane safety day
16 bosses day, dictionary day
17 wear something gaudy day
18 no beard day
19 evaluate your life day, international newspaper carrier day, sweetest day
20 brandied fruit day
21 babbling day, count your buttons day, national pumpkin cheesecake day
22 national nut day
23 national mole day, tv talk show host day
24 national bologna day, united nations day
25 punk for a day day, world pasta day, frankenstein friday
26 make a difference day, national mincemeat day
27 national tell a story day in scotland and the u.k., mother-in-law day, navy day
28 plush animal lover’s day
29 hermit day
30 national candy corn day, mischief night
31 carve a pumpkin day, halloween, increase your psychic powers day

week one get organized week | week one customer service week | week two fire prevention week | week two pet peeve week | week three pastoral care week | adopt a shelter dog month | american pharmacist month | apple jack month | breast cancer awareness month | clergy appreciation month | computer learning month | cookie month | domestic violence awareness month | eat country ham month | international drum month | lupus awareness month | national diabetes month | national pizza month | national vegetarian month | less is more by jason jennings national popcorn popping month | sarcastic month | seafood month

birthstone opal | flower marigold


click here to see november holidays

1 all saint’s day
2 all soul’s day, book lovers day, deviled egg day, look for circles day
3 housewife’s day, sandwich day
4 king tut day
5 gunpowder day, guy fawkes day
6 marooned without a compass day, saxophone day
7 bittersweet chocolate with almonds day
8 cook something bold day, dunce day
9 chaos never dies day
10 forget-me-not day, usmc day
11 veteran’s day
12 chicken soup for the soul day, young readers day
13 national indian pudding day, sadie hawkins day, world kindness day
14 operating room nurse day
15 clean your refrigerator day, america recycles day, national philanthropy day
16 button day, have a party with your bear day
17 electronic greeting card day, homemade bread day, take a hike day, world peace day
19 have a bad day day
20 absurdity day, beautiful day, universal children’s day
21 false confession day, great american smokeout, world hello day
22 go for a ride day
23 eat a cranberry day, national cashew day, national adoption day
25 national parfait day
26 shopping reminder day
27 pins and needles day
28 make your own head day, red planet day, thanksgiving day
29 buy nothing day, square dance day, you’re welcome day, black friday
30 stay at home because you are well day

week one chemistry week | week three game and puzzle week | aviation history month | child safety protection month | international drum month | national adoption awareness month | national epilepsy month | national model railroad month | national novel writing month | native american heritage month | peanut butter lovers month | real jewelry month | national sleep comfort month

birthstone topaz | flower chrysanthemum


click here to see december holidays

1 eat a red apple day, world aids awareness day
2 national fritters day
3 national roof over your head day
4 santa’s list day, wear brown shoes day
5 bathtub party day, repeal day
6 st. nicholas day, mitten tree day, put on your own shoes day
7 international civil aviation day, letter writing day, national cotton candy day, pearl harbor day
8 international children’s day, national brownie day, take it in the ear day
9 christmas card day, national pastry day
10 human rights day
11 national noodle ring day
12 national ding-a-ling day, poinsettia day
13 ice cream day, violin day
14 national bouillabaisse day
15 bill of rights day, national lemon cupcake day
16 national chocolate covered anything day
17 national maple syrup day
18 bake cookies day, national roast suckling pig day
19 look for an evergreen day, oatmeal muffin day
20 go caroling day
21 forefather’s day, humbug day, national flashlight day, look on the bright side day
22 national date nut bread day
23 festivus, roots day
24 national chocolate day, national egg nog day
25 christmas day, national pumpkin pie day
26 boxing day
27 make cut out snowflakes day, national fruitcake day
28 card playing day
29 pepper pot day
30 national bicarbonate of soda day
31 make up your mind day, new year’s eve, unlucky day

bingo month | write a friend month

birthstone turquoise | flower narcissus

about the dates

The dates on the calendar were chosen simply based on website searches for special days each month. I cannot verify the source nor the validity of the celebrations, so please take them in the spirit of fun they were intended and don't forget to enter the monthly drawing by sending pictures showing you, your family or your co-workers celebrating these "holidays".